First Makiling Intercultural Arts Festival (MAKILINC 1)

The recently declared heritage park, Mt. Makiling has been a silent witness, through the years, to the gift and growth of the young art scholars of the Philippine High School for the Arts. 

​For around four years, the penpushers are synonymous to Creative Writing, the terpsichoreans to Dance, the singers or instrumentalists to Music, the thespians to Theater, and the painters or sculptors to Visual Arts. 

​Now, PHSA, in partnership with the Cultural Center of the Philippines, would like to broaden their horizon by inviting guest artists, from international to regional, who will share their experiences and expertise through artist talks, workshops, and more. The development of linkages with international arts groups will absolutely enrich our knowledge about culture and the arts as well as showcase our very own to the global community.   

​Thus, the First Makiling Intercultural Arts Festival—MAKILINC -- is one of PHSA’s way of celebrating the National Arts Month in  Mt. Makiling with the hope of rekindling the glory of the National Arts Center, thereby,  positioning Los Banos as an arts capital, in addition to its being a science capital, in the country.

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